Ceremonies for the
LGBTIQ Community

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How do I go about organising a ceremony?

Just contact me and I will answer all your questions, tell you everything you need to know, as well as offer lots of creative ideas.

What happens if I/we book you to conduct our ceremony?

I say great, we lock it in the diary, we get together and start the planning process. If you are within 40km of me, I am very happy to come to you, but if it is further, I will invite you to come to Ocean Grove for our meeting.

What makes you the ideal choice as a Celebrant?

Well, I’m relaxed, I’m calm, I have a great sense of humour, I have a lot of life experience, and significantly, I am part of the LGBTIQ community.

How far will you travel for a ceremony?

I am happy to travel anywhere in Victoria and throughout our beautiful country.

Are there any legalities involved in a ceremony?

Not at this time, but hopefully when the government change legislation to legalise same-sex marriage, there will be.

Do you conduct Funerals?

Yes I do, and I strongly advocate people having conversations with loved ones and family about their wishes.

Do you help people to plan their funeral ceremony?

Yes I do. It is a practical and loving act for a person to plan their last dance, not to mention the strain and stress it saves their loved ones.

If I wanted to plan my funeral, or my partner’s funeral, can you help me with more than just the ceremony?

Yes I can. There are many tasks that need attending to and it can be quite overwhelming for a lot of people. I can be involved and assisting you for the entire process, or parts thereof. This can be easily sorted and managed when we meet.

Can you recommend venues to suit our tastes?

Yes I know of many venues and places, and if we don’t hit the mark, I have a great network of colleagues who can give suggestions.

WE live interstate. Would you offer to book venue, florist and catering for us?

Yes I am happy to book services on your behalf, once you have given your approval.

We really want you to be our celebrant but we want to get married in Broome?

Gosh that’s a tough one. Yes definitely. Obviously there would be travel and accommodation costs, but yes, happy to go anywhere.

We want to have our ceremony on a cruise? Can you do that?

Yes I can no problem at all. For your info, when legalised, weddings will only be legal if the ceremony occurs in Australian waters. Having said that, it is always a handy idea to do the legalities here, then conduct the ceremony aboard, and you would not have to worry about Australian waters.

My partner and I want to have a ceremony? Will we get to sign a certificate that will be ours?

Yes most definitely. There are commercial ‘Commitment Ceremony Certificates’ that I purchase, although I have found for most couples, they want something more personalised. I create certificates to suit your occasion.

We don’t want a lot of fanfare, just a quiet ceremony at home. Can we do this?

Yes. You can have your ceremony wherever you choose to. Some public places require a permit, and if not in Melbourne, they normally do not cost anything.

We love surfing? It sounds a bit out there, but would you marry us in the surf?

Absolutely I would. I have a nice long surfboard in fact. That would be very cool. We would do the legalities on land, then ocean here we come.

Do you have a set fee?

I have a base fee, but often there is travel involved, so I prefer to chat with my clients about their needs, and quote accordingly.