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My couples have chosen various titles for their ceremony – mainly a Commitment Ceremony or a Unity Ceremony. I hope that soon we can just get on with things and call it what it is – A Marriage.

Legislation is yet to be passed in Australia. We are going to be the last English speaking country to have Marriage Equality.

Being part of the GLBTIQ+ community, I am honoured to be performing Ceremonies for you.

A Commitment/Same Sex Ceremony in essence is identical to a wedding, less the Monitum and Vow legal requirements. And just like a wedding, there are no rules. You can design your own ceremony, including and excluding whatever you want. I can give you as much guidance and as many ideas as you need, but it is your day, your ceremony, so you have complete control over it.

You might like to consider a sub-ceremony. Some couples add additional personalisation to their day by including symbolic or ritualistic ceremonies.
Some examples of these ceremonies are:

  • Rose Ceremony
  • Sand Ceremony
  • Rock or Stone Ceremony
  • Unity Candle Ceremony
  • Wedding Bell Ceremony

Some of these ceremonies are ideal for and very inclusive of children and step children if you choose to involve them.

You can have your ceremony wherever you like. Beach, bush, gardens, backyard, park, anywhere at all. Let me help you make it the perfect day.


Celebrating a person’s life by way of narration and a bound photo book. This most often is when celebrating a significant occasion or personal achievement, but celebrating the life of a person can be done at any time. I have always been a strong advocate of ‘giving a pat on the back’, especially to those that you know will give them a real lift. Imagine how special this could be.

How wonderful to be able to acknowledge and honour a person by having a book that illustrates with photos and a narrative, their life’s journey so far.

If not for yourself or your partner, consider honouring another person in your life. They may have just completed their schooling, or a University Degree or just because. Let’s honour them. How memorable would that be.

Some other ideas are – Using a This Is Your Life Ceremony as a gift – Engagement, Commitment, Wedding, a workplace retirement, a Promotion, a Graduation, OR for no other reason than that you love that person and want them to know how special they are.


To welcome little ones into the world. These can be conducted at any time, a popular occasion being their first birthday.

Baby Naming Days involve the parents, maybe grandparents, maybe specially nominated people who will play a role in the child’s life. You can create a ceremony involving whoever you want. It is all about welcoming that little person into the world and into their community. As some people say, it takes a village to raise a child. There are certificates especially for parents, grandparents, god parents, etc.


This is a nice way to revisit earlier promise made. Any anniversary is a good one if you want to renew your vows.

I have found some couples want to do this in light of a path roughly travelled – where their relationship has survived through a tough patch, where there has been hurt, pain and trauma and so forth.


Dying is a part of life. It is the only occasion of significance that most people do not plan for or take ownership of.

Like other ceremonies, funerals can be personalised and unique, reflecting the character and personality of your loved one. They can be held anywhere, so if the ocean, the mountains, or the back garden were favourite spots, let’s do it. I love my funerals. I am passionate about making it the best day it can possibly be.

Know that if you are ever in the position of having to organise a funeral, I am only a phone call away, and I can help you every step of the way. If you choose me, all you need to do is let the Funeral Director know.

I can provide my services as a celebrant conducting the funeral, right through to assisting and guiding you all the way with the finer detail, logistics, personalised transport on the day and so much more.

The Why for Funerals

  • I want to make a difference and I know I do make a difference.
  • I create a space that may allow some forward movement because it is an honour and a privilege to be entrusted with this task.


I MC events for any occasion.